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Japayuki: A Collection of Poems by Sandra Gibbons (3⭐)

I was given a free digital copy of this collection from in exchange for an honest review.


Life is an existential argument. One that must be proven out—one way or another.

In Sandra Gibbons’ debut collection, she examines the implications of her childhood experiences on her perspectives and behaviors as a woman. As you read her words, take the time to speak them aloud. Listen closely to your voice. What is it trying to tell you?

Japayuki is a collection of poems singing about depression and the disappointments of life.

Rest for a spell. The world can wait.

Book Review

I want to start with the positives. I really enjoyed the imagery in this book! Each section started with a photo of a painting, which was a fun way to incorporate another form of art (not just writing). There were a lot of poignant lines, and I could tell there were many layers to the poems and deep meanings hidden underneath.

My struggles with this collection were in that I wasn’t finding those hidden meanings. I’ve seen in the description of the book and other reviews that the book was about womanhood, identity, and depression, but I wasn’t getting much of that in the book. I don’t know if I just wasn’t understanding the texts, which is why I still kept this review at three stars. I am glad I read the book, though, and I do hope to pick it up again and in the future.

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